Carlos Jose is an innovator, an aviation enthusiast, a leader, a devoted family man, and a loving father. He embarked on his professional journey in 1987 in the civil service field. He worked with Miami Dade County and has been employed for more than three decades. Previously, he worked as an assistant director for Miami International Airport and is known for his results-driven work ethic. Carlos Jose’s impressive achievements in the Geographical Information Systems department granted him several promotion. That’s when he took his career to the next step and became an Assistant Facilities Director.

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Carlos Jose – Leader, and Innovator

While working as an Assistant Director of Facilities Management and Engineering, he managed well over 700 employees. In addition to overseeing so many subordinates, he was in charge Airport Maintenance Engineering, Development and improving facilities where passengers travel through and airport employee’s work. He also improved the overall efficiency as well as productivity level of employees across multiple departments in quest of providing better customer service and a safe facility.

Throughout the years working in the public sector, he developed a fierce passion for helping out the community. Currently, his department is responsible for building county-wide standards for troubleshooting, developing processes for computer management, and creating as well as implementing solutions.

Success & Entrepreneurial Spirit

carlos jose aviation leaderCarlos Jose attributes his success to a few things. First, he places an immeasurable amount of trust on his employees. Not only that, he believes that in order for employees to be loyal to employers, the latter has to show loyalty to the former. This sense of loyalty that Carlos displays, is what he believes made him so successful today. Without trust and loyalty, it is impossible for a team to work together as a singular unit towards success.

As a leader who wishes to inspire his fellow subordinates, Carlos Jose is always learning new things. Learning new things on the go is the second thing that he believes makes him successful today. He is a firm believer that the only thing that stays constant, is change. There will always be change. Especially in the aviation department that Carlos partakes in, technology constantly changes. Carlos ensures that everything that needs to be done in order for the equipment to be up to date, is done. In addition, he firmly believes that it is always important to revisit job functions and expectations. Why? Because as a team changes, so do the needs of your community or your company. By revisiting job functions and expectations, he is able to strengthen the bond between employer and employees.


As a successful leader who has tackled countless projects and inspired numerous people, Carlos Jose wants to leave behind an inspiring legacy for his children. This website serves as a platform for him to achieve a few things. Carlos wants to to humbly showcase his prior achievements while simultaneously inspire others who wish to venture into the world of aviation. In addition, he wishes to reach out to like-minded individuals who wishes to work with him. Lastly, this website is a place for him to share his story, his ideas, and his perspective on life.